How Do You Fill Out a W-4 for the Number of Allowances You Are Claiming?


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In general, claim one allowance or exemption for every dependent on a W-4 according to the IRS. The Personal Allowances Worksheet that appears on the W-4 Form helps a person determine how many allowances to claim. In general, claiming more exemptions means less taxes are withheld on a paycheck.

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The information entered in lines A through H determine how many exemptions a person can claim in a current tax year. The exemptions for each line are:

  • Line A - personal
  • Line B - employment
  • Line C - spouse
  • Line D - number of dependents
  • Line E - head of household
  • Line F - child or dependent care expenses
  • Line G - child tax credit status
  • Line H - sum of all allowances

The total number of allowances from the worksheet is entered in Line 5 of the W-4 form given to an employer. This information is used to calculate tax withholding on a paycheck.

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