How Do You Fill Out Stock Certificates?

Complete the back of the stock certificate by filling in the required information before sending it to a brokerage for transfer, as notes. Endorse the certificate using the same exact wording of your name that appears on the front of the certificate. Enter the name of the recipient brokerage.

The signature and brokerage name are requirements for the brokerage to be able to negotiate with the certificate. In addition, some brokerages mandate that you put your brokerage account number on the front of the certificate. Some certificates also include the date of transfer next to the signature, so include that if required, reports

On the front of the stock certificate, all of the relevant information about your ownership should appear: the number unique to the certificate, the name of the company, your name (as the stockholder) and your date of purchase. Using stock certificates to handle trades sometimes increases the transaction fees significantly. Trading online is much less expensive, both for the brokerage and for you. In some cases, brokerages charge transaction fees that go as high as hundreds of dollars to perform a trade using certificates. When purchasing stock in future transactions, choose to have your broker hold it in street name, as advises.