How Do You Fill Out a Self-Assessment Form?


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Self-assessment forms and templates vary, but a general approach to completing them involves considering the audience, emphasizing accomplishments, acknowledging weaknesses and integrating career development questions, states the Harvard Business Review website. Utilize these topics to discuss each point and assess an overall rating. The Startup Donut website also offers an available sample template.

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Prior to preparing the self-assessment, maintain a performance journal to document experiences, challenges and opportunities, as both Business News Daily and Halogen Software recommend. A supervisor or a high-level executive reviews the self-assessment to determine progress over a particular period. In some instances, a supervisor uses the self-assessment as a basis for a promotion or bonus. Additionally, write the self-assessment in a manner that allows a supervisor to translate it to his own review work papers.

A self assessment shares successes based on previous feedback and completed projects, notes Halogen Software. List accomplishments in the form, but do not overstate achievements. Mention weaknesses as well, but incorporate developmental language, advises the Harvard Business Review. Specifically, note a weakness and state how to prevent it going forward.

Do not embellish accomplishments, and maintain honesty throughout the report, suggests Halogen Software. Finally, utilize the self-assessment process to lobby for career development. Explain the components of a position that seem appealing, and ask for an opportunity for increased responsibility and involvement.

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