How Do You Fill Out a PDF Job Application Form?


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Options for completing a portable document file job application include printing the document and completing it by hand, using a computer with a licensed version of Adobe Acrobat Professional or using an online tool to complete it. For applicants with less than perfect penmanship, the latter two options may provide a more professional first impression.

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If you choose to print the application and complete it by hand, set the printer to the highest quality print available. Choose a pen that writes without skipping or leaving ink blobs on the paper. Print each answer so it is legible.

Completing the program with Adobe requires activating the typewriter tool. Some documents include highlighted text boxes, but if yours does not, place the cursor where input is required and click. Continue until each blank is complete.

Several online tools allow users to type into PDF documents. These tools do not require you to download programs to your computer, which helps prevent spyware or malware infection. Download the application document to the computer, then upload it to the tool for completion.

Regardless of how you choose to complete the application, proofread it before submitting it to the employer. If you complete it by hand, use blue or black ink for a professional appearance. Ensure that there is an answer in every blank on the form. With forms completed on the computer, take the time to print and sign them before submission.

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