How Do You Fill Out an Offer to Purchase Real Estate Form?

An offer to purchase real estate form should include the address, the recorded deed book and page number, and other descriptive information, states Home Guides. The names of all parties involved, the purchase price and the amount of money being offered for purchase should be included.

The provisions that the buyer would like to incorporate into his offer, such as who pays for inspections and title insurance and how the adjustments to be made for utilities and taxes, says Home Guides. A proposed closing date and the type of deed the buyer desires should be included on the form. The date the offer expires is also indicated on a purchase offer.

Any contingencies that are necessary before closing should be outlined. How the buyer intends to pay for the real estate, whether it be by cash, mortgage, or other type of financing is indicated on a purchase offer. A clause that outlines what happens if the buyer cannot obtain financing within a certain time frame allows the buyer to be released from the contract. A requirement for a home inspection by a licensed home inspector of the buyer's choice is also an important provision on a purchase offer, says Home Guides.

The seller should state any legal disclosures as required by state law, as well as any flaws in the property, or violation of zoning, building and health regulations are also included on purchase offers, said Home Guides.