How Do You Fill Out a Medicare QMB Application?

Fill out an application for the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary program by calling a local Medicaid office to obtain rules for the Medicare Savings Program in your state, according to Medicare Interactive. Each state has its own guidelines for applying for QMB.

Most states allow submissions of the application online, through the mail or through community health centers. Some states still require an applicant to make an appointment and fill out the application in person, at a local Medicaid office, states Medicare Interactive. Documentation requirements also differ among the states, with some not requiring any documentation of income or assets. All states require beneficiaries to reapply each year for the QMB program, in order to continue receiving benefits. Medicaid notifies applicants of the status of their applications within 45 days of filing.

The QMB program helps pay for Medicare Parts A and B premiums, as well as deductibles, coinsurance and co-payments. Qualifying for a QMB also means that you automatically qualify for extra help paying for Medicare prescription drug coverage, explains Medicare. Income and resource limits may increase each year, so Medicare advises that you reapply every year, even if your income goes up. Income and resource limits are higher in Alaska and Hawaii.

The Medicare QMB program offers help to individuals whose income is less than $1,001 per month or couples whose income is less than $1,348 per month. However, those making slightly more than this amount are invited to fill out an application.