How Do You Fill Out a Maryland Tax Form?


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If you are filling a Maryland tax form online, you can fill it as it is displayed on our computer screen and print it out, as stated by Comptroller of Maryland. You can also print out the form and fill in your details by hand.

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To view the form online, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.1 or newer, according to Comptroller of Maryland. A hand cursor on the form allows you to move the form around on your screen. When you click on a field inside the form, an I-beam cursor appears. This cursor allows you to select a check box, a radio button, a field or an item from a list. If you need to move from a field to the next one, press the Tab key. To go back to a previous field, press Shift + Tab.

Once you are through filling out the form, select a field outside the form. This allows you to print your document. If you try to print when the cursor is still blinking on a field in the form, the document does not print. In addition, ensure that you click on the print button on the Adobe Acrobat Reader’s toolbar menu and not on your browser, advises Comptroller of Maryland.

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