How Do You Fill Out IRS Form 433-F?

Form 433-F is filled out by following the instructions attached the form and entering the information requested where indicated, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Form 433-F is used to collect financial information necessary for determining how an individual can satisfy an outstanding tax liability.

In the top section of From 443-F, fill out basic information where designated, including name, Social Security number or taxpayer ID number, address, and phone number, according the IRS. In Section A, the form requests accounting information, including brokerage accounts, checking accounts, and savings accounts and trusts. Include all information such as institutions and account numbers.

Section B requests any real estate holdings, including personal property, business property and investment property, explains the IRS. Taxpayers should also complete related information including purchase dates and original basis information. Section C details other significant assets, such as boats, cars and insurance policies. Include as much detail as possible, including the make and model of vehicles.

Section D requests any credit cards, including store cards and bank cards. Section E is designated for business information, such as accounts receivable owed. E2 should only be filled out if a taxpayer's business accepts credit, states the IRS. Section F is used to provide employment information, including an employer's name, address, EIN and other phone number.

Section G requests nonwage income such as alimony, child support and pension income, reports the IRS. Section H, the last section of Form 433-F, requires taxpayers to provide living expenses, including rent, food and child care costs.