How Do You Fill Out IRS Form 1040X?


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Complete the taxpayer identification section on Form 1040X, lines relevant to your modifications and the section on explanation of changes, states the Internal Revenue Service. For each line item, enter the amount in the original return, a net change and the correct amount.

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If you are changing your filing status, indicate the status for the amended return, notes the IRS. If you are changing from separate to joint, enter the amounts of your original return in column A, amounts corresponding to your spouse's income in column B and amounts corresponding to a joint filing status in column C. Both spouses must sign the amended form and date it.

Enter your adjusted gross income and any change on line 1, instructs the IRS. A change in AGI can change other amounts such as miscellaneous itemized deductions, credit for child and dependent care expenses, child tax credit, education credits and retirement savings contribution credit. It can also change allowable charitable contributions, taxable amount of Social Security benefits, total itemized deductions and deductions for exemptions.

Inform the IRS of your reasons for filing Form 1040X. Examples include receiving another W-2 form after you filed the original return, forgetting to claim the child tax credit, learning of a deduction, changing the filing status and using a credit from an earlier year, states the IRS.

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