How Do You Fill Out a Housekeeping Application Form?


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Fill out a housekeeping application form by providing all of your personal information, including your Social Security number and current address, as well as listing your past experience and accomplishments in housekeeping or custodial positions. Depending on the application, you may also need to list your availability, mention if you hold any special licenses or submit to a drug test.

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Though most companies feature different requirements for housekeeping positions, most require applicants to provide personal information in order for the hiring manager to conduct a background check. This typically includes your name, Social Security number and address, which may lead to a criminal background check or credit check to identify any liabilities you may pose and ensure you are legally eligible to work. The applicants also frequently include sections where you must explain your past work experience, with sections to write in your position title, former employer, past supervisor and common duties. In this section, make sure to highlight the activities most relevant to the new position.

Some applications may also ask for personal or professional references, or simply ask to contact your past employer. You may also need to explain why you left your previous position, which should not include anything negative about the company whenever possible. You also need to include the days and hours for which you are available to work and the type of work you can do. The application may also ask for your most valuable skills or to explain your weaknesses.

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