How Do You Fill Out a Generic Medical Release Form?

To properly fill out a medical release form for any medical records, write down the name of the institution, your name and the records you want released with a brief explanation, says Memorial Healthcare System. Additionally, provide a date for when the authorization of the release expires.

After completing this information, sign and date the form, explains Memorial Healthcare System. Printed names may not be accepted as legal signatures. Also check the type of information you are authorizing for release with the form. Often, hospitals and other health care institutions release information about HIV and AIDS history, mental or behavioral health and drug or alcohol abuse. If you do not want such information released, have it stated clearly on the form or crossed out from the release categories if provided.

Medical release forms that request release of information about a deceased next-of-kin, a person for whom you are the legal caretaker or a friend or distant relative require the presentation of additional forms, according to Memorial Healthcare System. Such information includes personal representative of the state documentation, health care power of attorney and, with a family member or friend, previously established authorization to access and make decisions about a person's medical record.