How Do You Fill Out Form SSA-1099?


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If you are receiving Social Security benefits from the Social Security Administration, the agency sends you a completed Form SSA-1099 at the end of each tax year. The form shows the total amount of benefits received, and the Social Security Administration provides this information for use in preparing personal income taxes, according to its website.

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When you receive Form SSA-1099, it is accompanied by IRS Notice 703, which helps you figure out whether any of your Social Security benefits are taxable, says the Internal Revenue Service. As of 2014, Form SSA-1099 lists the recipient name, Social Security number, total benefits paid during the year, benefit adjustments made and the amount of income tax withheld from benefits, if any. It also lists the amount of any Medicare premiums withheld from benefits and any deductions for work or other reasons.

People who receive Social Security income based on more than one earner's record may receive two or more copies of Form SSA-1099. Noncitizens receiving Social Security benefits who live outside the United States receive their information on Form SSA-1042S instead of Form SSA-1099. Neither form is sent to people receiving only Supplemental Security Income, according to the SSA. Recipients who need a replacement copy of Form SSA-1099 can request one online at SSA.gov.

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