How Do You Fill Out Form I-90?


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Applicants fill out Form I-90 to replace permanent resident cards by providing personal information, immigration status and history of their applications, along with documentary evidence and fees, reports Nolo. The forms are filed electronically or sent by post to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, states the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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Those who carry U.S. green cards providing evidence of permanent residency should renew or replace them well in advance of their expiry dates, advises Nolo. The first section of the I-90 application calls for the name, mailing address and residential address of the applicant. If the name has changed through marriage or divorce, the applicant must attach supporting documentation. Under Class of Admission, applicants provide the code for the category that applies to their permanent residency. Application Type details the current immigration status of applicants, and Reason for Application specifies why the current green card needs to be replaced.

Part three of the application, Processing Information, asks for further details such as parents' names, where the applicant first applied for an immigrant visa, where the visa was issued, where the applicant entered the United States and whether the applicant was ever ordered to leave the country, according to Nolo. Part four requests details on disabilities or impairments so that the applicant can get extra help if needed. The applicant must attach supporting documents as requested in the application and pay a filing fee and a biometrics services fee for fingerprinting.

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