How Do You Fill Out Form 1040EZ?

How Do You Fill Out Form 1040EZ?

Taxpayers using Form 1040EZ must supply their names, Social Security numbers, addresses, income and tax payment information, according to the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS supplies both tax tables and information about credits in its 1040EZ instructions.

Taxpayers must submit any name changes to the Social Security Administration prior to using new names on Form 1040EZ, notes the IRS. Addresses must be current, and P.O. Boxes may only be used if there is no U.S. Postal Service delivery to the taxpayer’s home address. Taxpayers must also enter contact information for their spouses if filing a joint return.

Taxpayers should enter Social Security numbers and wage information for themselves and their spouses, according to the IRS. As of 2015, wage information includes salaries, tips, interest under $1,500, and unemployment compensation. The total equals the adjusted gross income on line four. The standard deduction is subtracted from the total on line four, which gives the taxable income on line six.

Lines seven and eight are for entering tax payments and credits, states the IRS. The total is listed on line nine. Taxpayers use the adjusted gross income on line six and the income tax table to determine the tax, which is listed on line 10. The total tax is listed on line 12.

The smaller of lines 12 and nine are subtracted from the larger, which provides the taxpayer’s liability or refund on line 13, notes the IRS. Taxpayers or their tax preparers must then sign the form.