How Do You Fill Out an Employee Waiver Form?


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The specific process for filling out an employee waiver form varies depending on the company and purpose of the form, though most require you to provide your name and some form of personal information, and agree to the terms of the document through a signature. It is important to read such forms thoroughly in order to understand the rights you are waiving.

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Many companies use a variety of employee waiver forms to obtain the legal right to perform actions on the employee's behalf or to enable her participation in certain projects or activities. One common use of an employee waiver form is for the employee to grant the employer the right to conduct a credit or background check on her. By signing the form, the employee acknowledges that she is aware of the action and that she does not have the right to dispute any actions the company takes as a result of the information within the reports.

Some companies may also require employees to sign liability waiver forms before beginning employment, which state that the employee forfeits her right to file legal charges against the company in the event of injury or illness due to a specific aspect of the job. The company may also require employees to sign a waiver relinquishing the rights to any concepts or creations she produces while working for the company, establishing that anything she makes belongs to the company instead.

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