How do you fill out a deposit slip form?


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Fill out a deposit slip by filling out your name and address, account number, and the type of deposit you are making, such as a cash and/or check deposit. The date of the transaction and the total amount being deposited are also required on this form.

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On a deposit slip, your name and address information are generally located at the top of the form. The account number, whether it's pre-filled or you have to write it in, is typically located toward the bottom of the deposit form.

Specific deposit information is often requested on the right of the deposit slip. Here, you can write in the amount of money you're depositing, along with how the deposit is being made, either by check or cash. There is typically a section for you to fill out for all checks deposited and for the total cash deposit. You may also be asked to write in check numbers. After your deposit types and amounts have been entered, they should be tallied in the space labeled Subtotal.

In the section that reads Less Cash Received under the subtotal, you can indicate whether you want to withdraw cash from your deposit. After you have calculated your subtotal and accounted for any cash you want to take out, enter the total amount you want deposited into the account in the last section of the deposit form.

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