How Do You Fill Out a Customer Complaint Form?


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While the method for filling out a customer complaint form may vary between companies, most involve identifying yourself and explaining the nature of your complaint in detail before submitting it to the company. Some businesses offer electronic compliant forms, while others require you to fill out a paper form and either mail it or take it to a physical location.

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The purpose of a customer complaint form is to allow a consumer to inform a business of a grievance in an official capacity, creating a record for the company to reference over time and ensuring the complaint contains all the appropriate information. Many forms begin by asking for your name and other contact information, which allows the company to both identify you during future dealings and reach out to you as each party works to resolve the matter. Depending on the nature of the business, you may also need to provide details about a particular product or service related to the complaint.

Next, you must explain the events that caused you to file the complaint. Use clear language and as many relevant details as possible to ensure that the business understands why you are upset and how it or its employees are at fault. Provide any information the form requires, such as receipts or dates, to verify the claim. Conclude the form by stating what you want the business to do for you, such as provide compensation or change its policies.

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