How Do You Fill Out a Commercial Driver's Log Book?


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To fill out a commercial driver's log, start by entering the date, your name and the name of your co-driver at the top of the form page. Follow with the name and address of the carrier, the truck and trailer numbers and the shipping information, such as document numbers, shipper's name, the state and what is being shipped.

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Each page or grid reflects 24 hours of time, starting at midnight. Insert any time spent off-duty, sleeping, driving and on-duty but not driving. The grid allows you to draw a line indicating the time of any activity. Even though the line indicates the time used to accomplish a task, write the number of consecutive hours used per activity above the line.

Mark a line from the activity to the "Remarks" or note section, and give any needed details for the activity, such as where it took place and the closest milepost or freeway. Add together the hours used for each activity, and write the totals to the right of the form. Account for every hour. Enter the number of miles driven during the day at the top of the form. Sign each entry, and any time you have a co-driver, ask him to sign each entry also.

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