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IRS form 8283, which is for noncash charitable giving in amounts more than $500, is available on the Internal Revenue Service website or by calling 800-TAX-FORM. It is necessary to fill out the form and submit it along with the complete tax return for the year of the contribution. Cash donations, and noncash donations valued less than $500, are simply itemized on IRS form 1040A, as of 2015.

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Individuals, partnerships, and corporations are all required to submit IRS form 8283 for all noncash charitable gifts above $500 notes the IRS. Special rules and additional filing requirements apply to C Corporations, Partnerships and S Corporations. For donations over $5,000, Section B of form 8283 must be filled out as well, whether the amount was donated as a lump sum or as a cumulative donation of more than $5,000 given to multiple charities. Form 8283 requires the name and address of each donee organization, a description of the donated property, as well as the date of the donation.

IRS Publication 526 for Charitable Donations explains how to claim a deduction for charitable giving and defines how to report donations, as well as how much is eligible for a tax deduction and what records must be kept, as noted on IRS.gov. Publication 526 also provides instructions on how to identify whether an organization is eligible to receive a charitable donation, and outlines certain exceptions and addenda. For contributions over $500, additional information is required.

As noted by TurboTax, In most cases, the tax law does not allow the deduction of a donation greater than 50 percent of a person's adjusted gross income, notes TurboTax. However, in the event that a donation has been made that exceeds this threshold, the excess can be deducted on another return during the next five years.

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