How Do You Fill Out a Business Credit Application?

To fill out a business credit card application, fill out the personal information, business information, such as number of employees and annual revenue, and add the tax identification number. If the business is a sole proprietorship, use the owner's social security number instead of the tax identification number.

The legal name of the business is a requirement, but if the business is a sole proprietorship, the legal business name is the name of the owner. An application may ask for the years in business and a name for the credit card. This name is either the legal business name or the name of the owner.

The address and telephone number of the business is a requirement, even if the business is a home business. In this case, use a home address and phone number. The application also asks for the number of employees, and if there is an owner only, the number of employees is one.

The line of business is also a requirement, and there are many options to choose from, so try to focus the business type. For instance, if selling CDs or books, the business is a service. If making tables and chairs, the business is a manufacturing company. The occupation of the owner is also necessary, and entering the company name is the best option in this space of the application. Estimating annual revenue is also a requirement.

It's important to maintain truthfulness when filling out a credit card application, and if there are no annual sales, for example, it is best to put $0, rather then make up a number.