How Do You Fill Out a Burger King Online Employment Application?


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To fill out the Burger King employment application online, navigate to the official Burger King website, click the Apply link, type your personal information into the text fields, select the correct answers to the questions about yourself, consent to the electronic disclosure, and click Send. The process typically takes less than 90 minutes.

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  1. Navigate to the application website

    Visit the Burger King website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, look for the Careers column, and click the Apply link. Locate the employment position that you would like to apply for by scrolling down until you find the position. Click the corresponding Apply Now link.

  2. Select your location

    Click the Find a Restaurant and Apply link. Type your Zip code or your city and state to search for a restaurant close to your location, and click the corresponding Apply Now link.

  3. Type in your personal information

    If you are prompted to consent to a pre-application disclosure, check Yes in the consent box to gain access to the application. Type your personal information into the text fields, and use correct punctuation and letter case. Click the Next link.

  4. Answer the questions

    Type your employment experience and educational background information into the text fields, and answer the disclosure questions. Click the check box to give your consent to sign and date your application electronically. Type your full name and the current date, and press the Send link to submit your application.

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