How Do You Fill Out a Blank W-4 Form?


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Fill out a blank W-4 form by providing basic information such as your name, address and Social Security number, states Investopedia. You then need to determine how many allowances you are claiming so your employer will know the taxes to withhold from your wages.

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How Do You Fill Out a Blank W-4 Form?
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Form W-4 allows you to have some control over how much money is withheld from your wages for each pay period, according to About.com. You can adjust your withholding amount whenever you want, but you have to submit a W-4 for each adjustment.

Once you fill in the basic information, use the worksheet to calculate your withholding allowances. The information you provide for the calculation should be based on the current tax year. Additional information to input into your worksheet is based on whether you are married or hold two jobs, explains About.com. You may also skip certain sections of the calculation worksheet if you anticipate taking the standard deduction and personal exemptions and do not plan on taking any adjustments to income or itemizing your deductions.

Once your W-4 is complete, your employer puts the allowances into effect for the next payroll period. If you are submitting a revised W-4, the deadline for initiating the change is the start of the first payroll period ending 30 or more days after you submit the form, states About.com.

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