How Do You Fill Out a Blank W-2 Form?


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Fill out a blank W-2 form by inputting an employee's name and address and Social Security number and the amount of wages earned and amount of withholding taxes, Forbes advises. The name and address of the employer, its employee identification number and the amount of benefits paid by the employer are also included on a W-2 form.

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The W-2 form is based only on the amount of money earned and does not indicate how many hours an employee worked or his position, Forbes notes. Every employer who pays an employee at least $600 in wages must issue a W-2. If taxes are withheld, including Medicare or Social Security, a W-2 must be issued no matter how much the employee made.

A number of different boxes on a W-2 form correspond with a letter. These boxes are for information about the employee, employer, wages and taxes withheld. Amounts distributed to the employee from the employer's non-qualified compensation plan are indicated on a W-2, as this amount is taxable, Forbes reports. Other benefit contributions are also indicated on a W-2 form.

An employee receives three copies of the W-2 form, Forbes notes. Those copies must be issued by Jan. 31 of each year. Copy B is used for the employee's federal income tax return, and copy 2 is used for state returns. The employee keeps copy C for his records.

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