How Do You Fill Out a Blank Leave of Absence Form?


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Though the specific process may vary depending on the form and the company, filling out a blank leave of absence form typically involves providing your name, the reason you are requesting the leave and the dates for which you expect to be unable to work. Some forms may also include sections to designate the type of time off you wish to take with the leave, such as accrued time off or federally mandated time.

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A leave of absence form allows an employee to submit an official request to an employer for the ability to take time off from work for a specific period of time, though not every company requires such forms. In most cases, the form begins with a section for your name and title, which allows the human resources department to classify the request appropriately. Many forms also include a section where you must specify why you are requesting the leave, such as to care for a sick family member or attend a court appearance.

Some forms also require you to choose the type of leave you wish to use for the request, as many companies allow employees a set amount of paid time off each year. The Family and Medical Leave Act also allows you to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off to attend to issues such as caring for a newborn child or coping with a personal serious illness. The forms also require you to enter the duration of the time off, including a start and end date.

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