How Do You Fill Out a Blank Deposit Slip?


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Deposit slips vary based on the bank. You generally write the amount of cash and checks you are depositing on separate lines, then fill in the subtotal below. Any cash you would like to receive back is entered below, followed by the total.

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The deposit slip must be signed, endorsed on the back and dated. It can be handed to a teller at a window along with the money. The purpose of a deposit slip is to instruct the bank to transfer money into an account, whether in the form of cash, check or money orders. A printable practice deposit slip is available on GCFLearnFree.org.

Cash and checks can be deposited at a teller window, but some banks offer ATM access as well. ATM deposits boast convenience, but they also have several drawbacks. A network glitch or mechanical failure may cause problems with the deposit and some banks do not release money deposited through an ATM immediately.

Cash should never be deposited through mail, warns About.com. Although the mail system is generally secure, it still exposes people to high amounts of risk if the envelope is intercepted or lost. A money order is a safer alternative, since it can be sent through the mail but is only usable by a specific person or company.

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