How Do You Fill Out an Audit Form?


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There is no singular method for filling out an audit form or report, but accountants and auditors can state the scope of an audit and provide an opinion, reports the Houston Chronicle. The four types of audit reports are unqualified, qualified, adverse and disclaimer.

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The format of the audit form or audit report must mention that the auditor or related party is independent, notes the Houston Chronicle. In addition, the writer must specify the recipient of the audit form or audit report. In most cases, the relevant recipient is the owner or the Board of Directors. In addition, it is necessary to include the form name and date.

The writer must verify the completion of all relevant financial statements, mentions the Houston Chronicle. It is also appropriate to verify that the audit reports are the responsibility of the manager and that the auditors have a duty to only provide an opinion on the financial statements. The last paragraph of the report must contain the auditor's opinion on the financial statements.

An unqualified opinion on an audit is a clean opinion that states the financial statements are clean of misrepresentation. A qualified opinion states that the financial records are not in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, states the Houston Chronicle. An adverse opinion denotes gross misrepresentation of the financial statements. Finally, a disclaimer of opinion signifies that the auditor is unable to complete the audit report.

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