How Do You Fill Out a 943 Tax Form?


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Fill out federal tax Form 943 by following the line-by-line directions given in the instruction manual for filling out Form 943, which is provided on the IRS website. First figure out under what conditions you are required to fill out this form and if you qualify for the current tax year. Filling out the form allows you to calculate any Social Security and Medicare tax liability that you still owe as an employer.

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You must fill out Form 943 if you paid wages to one or more farm workers, those wages were subject to withholding and Social Security and Medicare taxes, and the amount paid meets one of two conditions, explains the IRS. If you paid any one employee in 2014 $150 or more in a year of farm work or if the total cash and non-cash wages that you paid all employees over a year is $2,500 or more, then you have to file Form 943.

The first item in Form 943 asks you to fill in the number of agricultural employees on the payroll, as is detailed by the IRS. This number does not include domestic employees in a for-profit farm. These wages, as with those of workers in a nonprofit farm, are reported on other forms. Publication 51, a more comprehensive explication of all federal taxes, covers this issue in detail.

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