How Do You Fill Out a 1099-MISC?


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Fill out a 1099 form using the information provided to you on the individual's W-9 form, says Linda Richard for the Houston Chronicle. This includes the person's name, address and Social Security number for filling in the appropriate spaces on the 1099 form.

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When filling out a 1099 form, you need to indicate the type of payment you made to the individual receiving the form and how much you paid him. The most common 1099 is the1099-MISC, and that does not need to be filed if you paid the person under $600, according to Richard. For independent contractors being paid $600 or more, you need to indicate how much you paid the individual in Box 7 of the 1099-MISC. If an attorney is being paid for his services, that amount is noted in Box 14. Box 14 and Box 7 are both subject to self-employment taxes.

Other payments that can be indicated on 1099-MISC include crop insurance proceeds and medical and health insurance payments, explains Investopedia. Copy A of the 1099-MISC goes to the IRS, while Copy 1 goes to the recipient's state tax department. Copy B goes to the recipient, as well as Copy 2, which is then submitted with a copy of the recipient's state tax return. The business should retain Copy C for its records.

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