How Do You Fill Out the 1040EZ Income Tax Form for 2013?


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Form 1040EZ for tax year 2013 can be found on the IRS website. To file a federal income tax return for 2013 using Form 1040EZ, a taxpayer needs his personal information, including taxpayer identification number, and information about his income.

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Form 1040EZ can only be used by filers who are either single or married filing jointly and not electing to itemize deductions, according to IRS publication Instructions for Form 1040EZ. Only filers under the age of 65 with total taxable income under $100,000 and interest income under $1,500 are eligible to file Form 1040EZ.

To complete the form, the filer can refer to the IRS Instructions for Form 1040EZ publication. Filers complete the one page Form 1040EZ by entering their identifying information and reportable income, then subtracting the standard deduction from total adjusted income to determine taxable income. Filers find their tax liability on charts provided in the instructions and then subtract any Earned Income Tax Credit and payments already made to the federal government. If the result is a negative number, the filer is owed a refund. If the result is a positive number, the taxpayer owes the government money.

The IRS advises that people who are eligible to use Form 1040EZ may benefit from filing the longer 1040A or 1040 forms if their itemized deductions would exceed the standard deduction or if they can claim head of household filing status.

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