What Are Fill-in-the-Blank Termite Inspection Forms Used For?


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Fill-in-the-blank termite inspection forms are used by hired termite inspectors to complete inspection reports for real estate transactions. Form NPMA-33 is the Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report that is commonly used to report on the presence or absence of termites. NPMA-33 is an authorized form accepted during government mortgage loan processing, but some states require using a state authorized fill-in-the-blank termite inspection form.

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The presence of wood destroying insects such as termites is a serious matter that must be disclosed as part of the general real estate home inspection process. Often a mortgage company or home loan underwriter orders a termite inspection of the property, but inspections are also initiated by home owners and buyers. Government agencies such as the Veteran's Administration and Federal Housing Authority expect to receive termite inspection reports on forms that call for a pest control inspector to answer multiple choice questions. Form NPMA-33 has five sections covering general information, inspection findings, recommendations, obstructions and inaccessible areas, and additional comments.

The pest control inspector observes a structure, and if he sees no noticeable signs of termites he checks the "no visible" box. If there are visible signs of infestation, he checks the "visible" box and checks additional descriptive boxes to support his findings. The form also includes check boxes for inspection of specific areas of the home, such as the crawlspace and porch.

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