How Do You File Taxes for Heavy Highway Vehicle Use?


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The first step in filing for Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax is gathering the necessary information, according to the IRS. Having the information is a prerequisite for filing and paying the tax.

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Information needed to file for this tax includes your Employer Identification Number, Vehicle Identification Number and the gross weight of each vehicle, as stated by the IRS. Your Social Security Number doesn't apply when filing this type of tax. If required, application for a new Employer Identification Number takes about two weeks to appear in the IRS system.

The next step is to file for the taxes, notes the IRS. For faster processing, use the e-file system, especially when reporting 25 or more vehicles. The e-file system processes a watermarked Schedule 1 in a matter of minutes. For vehicles over 55,000 pounds, complete Form 2290. Mail the completed Form 2290 to the address listed on the form. Mailing this form initiates the process of processing a stamped Schedule 1, which takes about six weeks to get ready.

The final step involves payment of the taxes, reports the IRS. You can pay via electronic funds withdrawal, check, money order or the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. The EFTPS requires you to enroll in advance; a new account takes between five and seven days to get ready.

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