How Do You File a Tax Return by Mail?


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The procedure for filing a tax return by mail is to obtain the correct form; prepare, print and sign the return; and mail it to the IRS upon completion, explains the US Tax Center. As of 2015, there are eight different Service Centers for the IRS to receive income taxes, notes the IRS. Taxpayers send their completed Form 1040s to the designated service centers for the states in which they live.

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As of 2015, taxpayers who don't need to enclose money send returns to their designated centers in either Austin, Texas; Fresno, California; or Kansas City, Missouri. Those who need to send money mail theirs to either San Francisco, California, Louisville, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; or Hartford, Connecticut, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Payments go to post office boxes, while service centers accept non-payment returns.

Taxpayers who file other documents may have to send them to different addresses. The addresses are broken down by the first number or letter on the form, notes the IRS. Government and tax-exempt agencies also have various addresses for receiving mailed forms. Payments and applications for IRS programs go to other addresses.

For mailing state tax returns, there are some states that have the instructions and forms available on their state tax department website, informs TurboTax. Links to some state websites are available on the TurboTax website.

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