How Do You File a Tax Return in Illinois?

Use the MyTax Illinois website to electronically file Form IL-1040, which is the Illinois income tax return. If you need to amend a return, use Form IL-1040-X.

  1. Find out if you are eligible to file with MyTax Illinois

    File via MyTax Illinois if you have an email address and Social Security number, you have an 8-digit IL-PIN code assigned by the Illinois Department of Revenue or you have a valid Illinois ID and you have not filed a tax return for the current tax year. If you do not have an 8-digit IL-PIN or a valid Illinois ID, then you have to file a paper return or file through a tax preparation service.

  2. Collect your documents

    Gather the documents and other information you need to fill out Form IL-1040, including your federal tax return, your W-2 and 1099 forms and property tax information if claiming a property tax credit. You should gather proof of expenses for any other credits you are claiming, such as education expenses. Have your bank direct deposit information handy if you are receiving a refund.

  3. Fill out Form IL-1040

    Click on the Start Your IL-1040 button on the Illinois Department of Revenue website under the File Your Return section. You need to log into your MyTax Illinois account or create a new account. Follow the instructions for filling out the IL-1040 and finish by submitting it electronically.