What Are Some File Storage Systems?


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File storage systems include external hard drives, online backup and file storage and network attached storage. File storage systems provide additional storage and secure backup of business data. A good file storage system makes data sharing easy, protects valuable data and requires minimal maintenance.

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An external hard drive serves as a backup to a computer's internal hard drive storage. It can be attached to each computer or be shared by several users. It provides additional file storage for high-resolution images, video and other large data files. However, an external drive can crash leading to permanent loss of data.

Third parties provide online backup and file storage for a fee. The services are often reliable and easy to use though initials backups can be slow. In case the internal hard drive of a computer crashes, the online backup service sends the lost files on DVD.

Network Attached Storage, also known as NAS, is a popular filing system for backing up, sharing and archiving files and getting additional storage space. Typically, NAS connects a network to multiple hard drives that ensure continuous availability of data if one hard drive fails. A central point for shared data is available, which offers enhanced security for sensitive data.

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