How Do You File State Taxes?


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Depending on your state, you may file your state taxes with a state income tax form or you can file electronically with online tax software, as the Federation of Tax Administrators website demonstrates. Your state's department of finance or department of revenue may offer these forms on its website.

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Some states, such as Indiana, allow you to file your state taxes online for free, according to the Indiana Department of Revenue. Indiana even encloses a list of online filing products that allow you to simultaneously file your federal and state taxes online for free.

You can mail your completed state tax form to the appropriate authority. Federal and local tax forms are typically available at libraries and post offices, notes USA.gov. Unlike the federal 1040EZ, each state tax form has its own name. In Arkansas, it is called the AR1000CR; the state of Indiana calls it the IT-40, notes the Indiana Department of Revenue.

Most state tax forms require the same basic information. You must enter your social security, name, address and county number and calculate tax through gross income and taxable income. Some state returns require specific information from your federal tax return and additional information from related schedule forms, according to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

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