How Do You File Reimbursement Forms With AFLAC?

How Do You File Reimbursement Forms With AFLAC?

Filing reimbursement forms with Aflac can be done through faxing the number provided. The forms can be found online, as stated on the Aflac website.

  1. Fill out the forms
  2. The reimbursement form needs to be filled out completely. If not, delay of processing or rejection may occur, according to Aflac. Every area filled needs to be clearly written and legible. Highlighting often turns black when copied, so refrain from making annotations on any attachments.

  3. Remember the receipts
  4. When filing reimbursement forms, receipts of everything paid for are essential for the filing process. They offer verification of services provided and paid for. As with all attachments, they need to be legible. Copies need to kept for personal records as well.

  5. Double check the eligibility requirements
  6. Before submitting the reimbursement forms, the user needs to verify that all expenses fall under eligible reimbursement requirements. To verify, double check the participant handbook given when the insurance was initiated. If lost, refer to the list provided online or contact Alfac by phone.

  7. Submit and check the status
  8. Once sent through fax, there will be a 48 hour waiting period. This will be used as a time for processing of the form. After the 2 days are complete, the status of the reimbursement can be checked online or through calling.