How Do You File a Medical Insurance Claim?

To file a medical insurance claim, obtain receipts that itemize all the medical services provided, get and fill out a claim form, make copies of all the documents, and send them to the proper address, according to Most insurance companies provide a time period before which a claim is to be settled and paid.

The first task to complete before filling out the forms is to get all receipts for your medical care in order, explains The health care provider needs to break down the receipt to detail each specific procedure and the cost. These bills are submitted with the claim forms obtained directly from the insurance company. Follow the instructions, and provide requested information on the forms, such as your insurance identification information, the reasons you sought medical care and what entity provided the care. Additional information should be added as requested by the specific form.

Once the form has been filled, make sure to make copies of it and of all the receipts before sending them to the insurance company, advises This makes it easy to refile if something goes wrong with the original filing. Finally, call the insurance company to tell it that you are about to send a claim, and review the information on your claim to make sure nothing is missing.