How Do You File a Medical Claim With Blue Cross Blue Shield?


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Blue Cross Blue Shield providers accept medical claims that are filed electronically or by mail, according to Blue Shield of California. Electronic claims from doctors or health care facilities are submitted through pre-approved third-party clearing vendors, reports BCBS Illinois. BCBS also accepts electronically submitted batch claims.

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The procedure and requirements to file a medical claim with BCBS varies from state to state. In general, BCBS providers require all claims to be submitted through an electronic or paper claim form accompanied by the original receipts for all medical expenses, according to BCBS Michigan. Some states, such as Michigan, use different forms to cover different types of medical claims. These forms may be submitted electronically through the provider's website or by postal mail to the provider's claims processing center, as is the case with BCBS Illinois.

BCBS also accepts supplemental Medicare claims after the patient has filed a claim and has received forwarding advice and an Explanation of Medicare Benefits statement, according to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. The statement details the services and drugs covered by Medicare and the associated co-payment. Medicare Rights University and Members of the BlueCard network can also submit claims to BCBS agencies outside their provider's service area, based on the benefits associated with their patient member ID card, confirms BCBS Illinois.

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