How Do You File Your Income Taxes in India?

Indian taxpayers have the option of filing their income tax returns online via the Income Tax India eFiling website. Filing returns online in India involves registering to the government website, downloading tax return e-forms, filling up the forms and then uploading the accomplished forms back to the website, notes the India Times.

Prior to filing tax returns online in India, it is a good idea for the taxpayer to have his bank statements, Form 16 and a copy of his tax return from the previous year on hand, notes the India Times.

The following shows the basic steps involved in filing an income tax return online in India.

  1. Go to the India Tax eFiling website
  2. Type into the browser and press enter.

  3. Receive PAN
  4. Once registered with the online Registration form, the taxpayer will receive his permanent account number (PAN). His PAN will serve as his user ID.

  5. Compare Form 26AS with Form 16
  6. The statement on Form 26AS, which reflects the deductions made by the employer, should tally with the statement on the Form 16.

  7. Download a tax return form
  8. Download the applicable tax return form for the tax assessment year on the Download menu.

  9. Fill up the required information
  10. Open the downloaded form (Excel utility) and provide the required information. Click the Calculate Tax tab. Pay tax, if applicable, and fill in the challan details. Click on the Validate tab, after checking that all the information on the form is correct.

  11. Submit
  12. Generate an XML file and save. Click on the Upload return and upload the file. The website will flash a message confirming the success of the filing.