Who Has to File Income Taxes?


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According to Kelly Phillips for Forbes, several factors impact the necessity of filing income taxes: dependent status, age and income. These factors and thresholds change as often as once per year and may be different between the state and the federal government. Phillips suggests consulting a tax professional for advice.

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Phillips states that, in 2014, any married couple filing jointly who makes over $22,400 must file taxes. The same goes for any single person with an income of $11,500, head of household with an income over $14,350 or qualified widow(er) with a dependent child and an income over $17,300. Self-employed people must file if they have a net income of $400. Dependents must file if unearned income is more than $4,000 or earned income is more than $9,100. These thresholds are the maximum before taxes kick in; factors such as age reduce these thresholds.

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