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Individuals meeting certain federal requirements for age and income must file income tax forms. Single people under the age of 65, and with an annual income exceeding $5,950 must file federal income taxes. Those over the age of 65 with an income over $11,500 must also file taxes, as do married couples meeting certain requirements dependent on age, income and whether taxes are being filed jointly or separately. Income sets the typical criteria for filing, although self-employed citizens and those on Medicare and receiving Social Security benefits often file income tax forms too.

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In marriages, spouses may file income taxes together, on a joint file, or produce separate income statements. Spouses filing jointly and under the age of 65 submit taxes when their combined annual income exceeds $19,500. When one spouse is over 65, the income threshold rises to $20,650 and to $21,800 for both partners over 65. For married couples filing separate income tax returns, annual income must be at least $3,800, regardless of age.

In addition to singles and couples, families and widows meeting certain age and income requirements must submit federal tax forms too. Individuals not claimed as dependents by others (such as parents and guardians) must meet basic eligibility requirements for filing federal income documents, which is an annual income of at least $5,950.

Requirements differ for those classifying as legally blind. Regardless of age, blind citizens submit income tax returns with a gross annual income of at least $2,400.

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