How Do You File a Geico Claim?


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To file a claim with GEICO, gather information about the claim and log onto an account with GEICO and submit the claim. After filing, have the car inspected and get an estimate for the repairs, and work with the claims adjuster to expedite the claim, advises CarsDirect.

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Follow the steps below to file a claim with GEICO.

  1. Gather supporting documents
  2. Gather as much evidence as possible at the scene of the accident, advises CarsDirect. Get information from other drivers and witnesses. Take note of the names of the drivers and the types of vehicles they were driving, including license plate numbers. Note the damage to the other vehicles in the accident, how many people were involved, and exact location and date of the accident.

  3. Log onto the GEICO website
  4. Visit GEICO, and log in. Click on the Report a New Claim link under the Claims Center heading on the home page. Non-policyholders can still file claims online if they know the policy number. Follow the prompts to file the claim, and note any special instructions after submitting the claim online.

  5. Get estimates for repair
  6. Visit a mechanic shop or body shop approved by GEICO. Get estimates for the repair, and await instructions from the GEICO claims adjuster.

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