How Do You File a Form M1 With the Minnesota Department of Revenue?


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File a Form M1 electronically by visiting the Minnesota revenue website, according to Minnesota Revenue. You can also file a tax return on paper by completing the M1 on the screen and printing it out, by filling out the original paper form or by printing out the form from your computer to fill it out by hand.

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To complete the Form M1, fill in your name, date of birth and social security number, explains Minnesota Revenue. Use black ink, and write in capital letters. When writing dollar amounts, round off the amount to the nearest dollar. If any of the lines or boxes on Form M1 do not apply to you, leave them blank, and to report a negative amount, place an "X" in the oval box before the relevant line.

To make the form valid, sign and date it, as Minnesota Revenue indicates. If you and your spouse are filing jointly, both of you should sign the form. If you have hired a preparer to file the form on your behalf, the preparer must also sign the form and give a valid federal preparer identification number.

If you choose to file your returns on paper instead of electronically, mail the completed forms to the Minnesota individual income tax office, as Minnesota Revenue explains. Include the Form M1 and all the schedules when mailing your return. Use a paperclip instead of staples or tape to ensure all the papers stay together.

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