How Do You File Form 941 for a Quarterly Tax Return?


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When filing Form 941, enter your company's employer identification number, check the quarter for which you are filing, and enter the name of the owner and the name of the business, according to the Internal Revenue Service. The form is due quarterly on the last day of the month that follows the end of the quarter if the quarter end on March 31, the form is due on April 30.

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When filling out the form, other items of information must be reported if applicable, states the IRS. Such information includes wages paid, tips received by employees, federal income tax that was withheld from employees' pay checks, and Social Security and Medicare taxes The latter category should include both the amounts withheld from the employees' pay and the amount owed by the employer. This form must be filed even on quarters in which there are no amounts collected.

Forms can be printed and filled by hand or using a computer vi a PDF, explains the IRS. For appropriate scanning and processing, dollar amounts should be entered to the left of the preprinted decimal points and cent amounts to the right. Negative amounts should be entered either using a minus sign or parentheses. Fields should be left blank when the amount in the box is zero.

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