How Do You File an Extension?


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To file an extension on tax paperwork, visit the Internal Revenue Services website or offices to receive the extension form. Then, fill out the form and mail it in to the IRS by April 15 of the year the tax paperwork is due.

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  1. Find the correct form

    Tax forms are available on the website of the Internal Revenue Service. There are several different types of forms available depending on the circumstances. Some forms are for individual use, and others are for corporations. There are also specialty forms for specific circumstances including being out of the country. Look at the forms and find the tax extension form that is applicable to the situation.

  2. Fill out the form

    Print out the form specifically designed for the situation. Then, fill out the form with all relevant information requested. The general individual form asks for standard identification information and estimates on tax liability for the given year.

  3. Mail the form

    Once the form is completed, then it needs to be mailed. Address the envelope with the IRS address and seal the form inside. Put a stamp on it and deliver the form to the post office or a mailbox so it can be mailed.

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