How Do You File an Effective Corporate Complaint?

How Do You File an Effective Corporate Complaint?

To file an effective corporate complaint, exhaust all options with the company, choose a higher authority or organization, submit a complaint and go public if necessary. A complaint is a good way to make businesses respond to issues affecting consumers, notes Pine Tree Legal Assistance.

Depending on the severity of the situation, it may sometimes be prudent to seek the help of a business lawyer when filing a complaint, notes the United States Small Business Administration. Use the following steps to file an effective corporate complaint.

  1. Write down the complaint
  2. Take some time to write down the complaint and print out copies for personal safekeeping. If possible, include dates, times and any other information that may be helpful in resolving the issue.

  3. Exhaust all options with the company
  4. Pay a visit to the company's customer care section and report the issue in question. It is also prudent to submit a well-written report. Allow the customer care staff to respond before taking any other action. If results are unsatisfactory, try reaching out to the management of the company.

  5. Escalate the matter
  6. If the company fails to respond appropriately, escalate the matter to an outside party. This could be a government agency or any other quality control organization. Examples of helpful organizations include Better Business Bureau, The Federal Trade Commission and The State Attorney General Office.

  7. Go public
  8. If all options seem unfruitful, post the complaint on a public forum. If it is well stipulated, it may attract the attention of the public and force the company to respond.