How Do You File Complaints With Consumer Affairs?

To file a complaint with Consumer Affairs, call or submit an online complaint form at Paying a physical visit to a local Consumer Affairs Department is another way to file a complaint, states

Before filing a complaint with Consumer Affairs, try resolving the issue with locally available resolution mechanisms, notes Raising the matter with an organization's customer care department is often the easier way to resolve an issue. Use the following steps to file a complaint online.

  1. Search for the local website
  2. The Department of Consumer Affairs in each state runs a unique website. Search for the relevant site and read the instructions that regard submitting a complaint.

  3. Submit a complaint
  4. On the website, locate the complaint form and provide required information. It is prudent to be specific with regards to dates and times. Personal contact information is necessary for future communication. Check through the form for any errors and submit it.

  5. Provide additional documents
  6. If necessary, provide any additional documents to support the case. Warranties, receipts or contracts are often important in resolving matters.

  7. Wait for a review of the complaint
  8. The staff of the department reviews the complaint and initiates an investigation if necessary. The staff of the department then contacts the customer to follow up.