How Do You File Complaints About a Bank?


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File a complaint about a bank by identifying the appropriate regulatory agency, such as the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency for federal savings institutions and national banks, filling out the appropriate compliant form and documenting the legal issues involved in the matter. Issues that do not relate to federal regulations may require contacting the bank at the corporate level, filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or taking separate legal action.

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The process for filing a compliant against a bank begins by identifying the type of institution, which helps to find the appropriate regulator. Many banks include details about federal regulators on their websites. After finding the appropriate federal oversight agency, research the types of complaints it accepts to find out if the claim is valid. In most cases, federal agencies only intervene when a bank breaks a law, as opposed to a bank failing to meet the terms of a private contract.

Most federal agencies have a paper form that customers can print, fill out and mail to the appropriate department, though some may also offer online complaint forms. If the federal agency cannot handle the form, it may be possible to file a compliant with the Better Business Bureau through BBB.org, focusing on the specific branch or regional location.

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