How Do You File a Complaint on

Visit and click File a Report. Provide an email address, password, public display name and a valid first and last name. Review the contact preference check boxes, then click Create My Account. Click File Your Report Now to begin the complaint process.

Enter the name of the company about which you're filing a complaint. Supply a website address if available, then select whether the complaint is about a local or national company or an Internet provider. Provide the address, phone number and/or fax number if available. Click Continue.

Type a catchy, one-line description in 20 words or less to describe the complaint. For example, "Fraudulently billed for services never performed." For the State entry, enter "Internet" or "Nationwide" if the complaint is not local. Next, select a category, and click Continue.

Supply a detailed report of what happened to cause a grievance in the next page. Background information, copies of communication from the organization the complaint is about and all relevant circumstances are helpful in establishing the report's legitimacy. Select whether a credit card was used and click Continue.

If photographic or video evidence is available, select Image or Video. Click Choose File, and select the file from the computer creating the report. Click Continue, then review the Terms and Conditions of Click Continue again to submit the report.