How Do You File a Complaint About a Realtor?

How Do You File a Complaint About a Realtor?

To file a complaint about a Realtor, submit a complaint in writing to the Secretary of your local Realtors association or a multiple listing service that is owned and operated by members of the Realtors association. You must sign and date the complaint and file it within 180 days after the matters pertaining to the complaint transpire.

To lodge a formal complaint outside of the 180-day window, call your local Realtor association for details. Specific steps vary from state to state and between associations, but you must opt to have your grievance mediated or to cooperate with an ombudsman. The subsequent steps are not fixed and are at the discretion of the Secretary or, in some cases, the President of the local Realtors association.

Form #E-1 is the standard ethics complaint form for lodging a formal complaint about a real estate agent. The form is available at, under Law, Ethics & Policy and Complaints & Arbitration Requests. These particular forms are national reference forms that potentially differ from specific, related forms that your local Realtors association uses for its own purposes.

Upon receiving and reviewing your complaint, the Secretary then refers the complaint to the Chairperson of the Grievance Committee. The Chairperson in turn refers the complaint to a member of the committee. After the member reviews your complaint, he may dismisses your complaint as unworthy of further consideration, refers it back to you as appropriate for arbitration or refers it back to the Secretary to schedule a hearing.

At each stage of the process you must file a corresponding form, such as Form #E-4 to fulfill a Grievance Committee Request for Information and Form #E-5, which is the Response to Grievance Committee Request for Information.